Hello! I'm Christy, the face behind Little Lily Photography. The carefree, adventure loving photographer, a perfectionist, a self confessed tea addict & lover of home comforts. Alongside all of that, I'm blessed to be a mama to one, my little Piper Lily. And now you can see where the inspiration for my business name came from! She's also the reason I took the leap of faith to begin this journey on my own in 2021.

I'm incredibly lucky to have been a photographer for over 7 years now and I specialise in Family, Maternity & Motherhood photography across Hampshire, UK. My journey first started in college, where I'd make pin hole cameras and photograph boats on a boggy lake, ha! From there, I became an assistant in a white room studio before becoming a creative director elsewhere. I couldn't be more grateful for those who I've met along the way and pushed me to become the artist I am now. Over the years I've evolved into the style I currently know and love, storytelling photography is what sets my creative soul on fire and I want to capture the raw emotion & joyful moments of each family I have the honour of meeting.

Children grow so fast and one day they won't reach up for us, they won't need as much comfort, I truly believe documenting and freezing these memories is so important. Be in the photo, for all they will see is how much you love them. I pride myself on offering an experience like no other, a place for your child's imagination to run wild and for them to run free, a safe space for intimate and raw moments, a hand to hold, a friendly face.