confessions of a mother

Last year I started a project which was close to my heart. The aim was to share stories of mothers and their journey to motherhood to give others validation of their own feelings alongside some raw, intimate images which promoted real post partum bodies and to show that the connections we hold define us much, much more than our bodies do. At the time my calendar was quiet and suddenly I got very busy very quickly, a few cancelled and before I knew it we were into autumn and sadly I couldn’t fulfil its potential. 

My journey itself has been one with post natal anxiety but as a mother, for so long I shielded how I was feeling from fear of judgement. Fear of being told I couldn't "manage". I often questioned whether I was cut out for it and it wasn't until I reached out that things fell into place. Truth is, nobody ever get its right. We all adapt and grow and find our own way, as long as they are loved, that's the important part.

We all have our own journey

This Spring I will be relaunching the project with a new name: Confessions of a Mother. I have a date set and an incredible, beautiful venue to spend the afternoon into evening listening to your stories and capturing some raw, intimate photos with you and your children. This will be a safe space, we will be showing our scars, sharing our hearts and feeling connected with our children, which in the hustle and bustle of life we sometimes forget to be in the moment. 

This will be diverse and it's important to me to include a mixture of races, same sex couples, disabilities, infertility, mental health, happy journeys and so on. The only downside is that I can only fit so many into the day and although I could spend forever on this project, it just isn’t possible.

From the end of May, there will be 6-8 weeks of stories shared on my blog, each one covering a different subject and each one with the goal to help just one mama out there feel valid, feel heard, feel seen.

There will be a £75 session fee (due April 1st) to ensure no cancellations and to cover hire costs, 10 digital images will be included and there will be the option to purchase more. Your images will be shared on my blog and socials alongside your story and a contract will need to be signed to allow the use of images online. This project will include some tasteful nudity, however a style guide will be sent to everyone for the option of either.

To get involved, please send me an email to with a little story about yourselves, I will be choosing people based on their story so that each blog post will cover something different. This doesn't have to be long, if you're chosen you will be asked to write your story in full after the photoshoot. Please don’t include an image, this project is not based on how you look!

  • Location: Hayling Island
  • Date: Thursday 12th May (Time slots will be given between 3-7pm)


My email will be open from now until March 7th to apply, I will contact those chosen in the first week of March.

If you have an upcoming shoot, this cannot be exchanged or cancelled in replacement.

Individual time slots will be given.

Session fee (£75) is due on April 1st, unpaid slots will be given to the next person.

Contract must be signed.