Hampshire Newborn & family photographer

Hi, my name is


A Mama,

A Storyteller.

10 years ago I stepped into the world of photography.

Through finding the other half of me, leaving home, leaving the jobs that provided me with the space to grow as an artist, right through to welcoming our daughter into the world and more recently, opening my Petersfield studio. Photography is the only thing that has remained consistent over the last decade, it showed up unexpected and healed parts of me that I didn’t know how. 

Capturing the love, the laughter & the joy.

  • Mama to my little Piper Lily, she's a firecracker with a heart of gold
  • Partner of 8 years, not yet engaged but I'm working on it
  • My British shorthair Nala is my second baby but I love dogs too
  • I describe myself as an introvert but you'd never know
  • Lived by the coast all my life
  • Scorpio
  • My favourite location is the river
  • I once won some awards for my photography
  • Often praised for my extreme levels of patience
  • Inspired by motherhood and all the feelings that come with it
  • I love to read poetry

The journey & the "why?"

I like to share my story of having tripped and fell into photography. I left school with just one GCSE in art, it was the only thing I enjoyed doing - creating. I'd escape to my room and find solace in a sketch book. Little secret though, I'm a really bad drawer.

My mum gave me an ultimatum after spending a year of doing not a lot, whilst all my peers were doing their a-levels. And with that I picked up a college course with photography included. I learnt a lot about myself that year, with photography becoming something new that I really enjoyed.

With the luckiest luck of all, I landed an apprenticeship with a local studio and it all began right there. I was given space by employers to grow as an artist, to learn my skill and at times pushed so far out of my comfort zone. I found a style I adored, I trained in newborn safety and with some of the worlds best artists, all because someone believed that I could.

In 2020 I gave birth to my sweet girl, it wasn't until that year that I really learnt my "why?". The tug became stronger and with many sleepless nights, my soul knew it was time to venture onto my own journey. Motherhood came first all of a sudden and there was a huge paradigm shift in my purpose. It was tough & it was beautiful, I suddenly knew so much more about all of the families I had worked with before.

So Little Lily Photography was born, created in the depths of motherhood with a promise to myself, to allow myself time. Time to be a mum & time to soak up the early years. It also came with a lesson, to show my own daughter that "she can".

And also a promise to my clients, to offer an experience like no other, a place for your child's imagination to run wild and for them to run free, a safe space for the intimate, authentic moments, a hand to hold, a friendly face. If you're looking to remember the little details, you'll find exactly that, right here.

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