Wow, it's been a minute.

Almost 4 months ago I opened the doors to my very first, very own Photography studio.

Based in the beautiful town of Petersfield, Hampshire, this grade II listed property welcomes you and your family.

And I never did have the time to sit down and tell you about the journey of it all.

For those who haven't known me from the very beginning, which I'm sure is a few of you. My photography journey started in 2014 when I was employed by a studio based in Gosport, I spent 3 years here before realising that, in all honesty, I wasn't enjoying 'this' anymore. It took me a little while to realise that actually, it was the style of photography that I wasn't loving.

You know, the white room, everyone say cheese style. But at this point, it was all I knew how to do.

I spent some painstaking time searching for new opportunities, office jobs, shop assistance, anywhere but there.

Then a new home found me and I found a new home, a beautiful photography company in Southsea took me on and welcomed me into a world of nature & play.

Life went some way, I had the most incredible training opportunities with storytelling photographers and newborn photographers across the globe. I worked insane hours, enjoying every single second.

I delved deep into the world of photographing mothers, connections, newborns, babies, fun, enjoyment, love. And my only skillset of "say cheese" was long forgotten.

I found purpose & I found a fire in my belly.

But then life went another way, when I was expecting a baby of my own. An actual baby, my darling daughter. The one I always longed for.

And suddenly the paradigm shifted, my whole life purpose shifted.

I longed for the simple gift of time, so I created my own brand Little Lily Photography and time was suddenly of the essence.

The adventure didn't stop though, my core values remained and I welcomed mothers, connections, families, newborns and the passion only grew.

Last year I visited a workshop, a two day business event and it was the first time I managed to say the words to myself, that I wanted to open my own studio.

I was for so long holding my own self back with limiting beliefs, that I couldn't.

It sunk in that I could still be an amazing mother and follow a dream of mine, I had watched two businesses in awe of their studio spaces and now it was my turn.

So my New Year resolution was to open a studio, in some form or another and the search began. I live in Gosport, however I knew this wasn't the right area for me and there were no suitable premises. I widened my search +20 miles on right move and found a quaint little space, nestled in the heart of Petersfield. The photos were filled with natural light, a beautiful listed window, pillars surrounding the double door. I booked, cancelled and rebooked to view to the property. The moment I stepped in, I knew it was the one.

Some work needed to be done...

I waited an agonising 11 weeks for the lease to go through, keeping it a secret just in case. I kind of suck at keeping my own secrets.

My vision board was prepped, including a terribly drawn floor plan, my Safari bookmarks filled with all the links ready to purchase everything I needed.

All I needed was those keys, so I could get in the door and make the magic happen!

When the time came, we quickly painted the walls, not so quickly pulled up the floor to replace with something light and airy, spent many hours building flat pack and slowly watched my vision came to life, with a little help from my partner Christian. I don't think I could have done it without his support, as much as it hurt him to put in extra hours after his own full time job, haha!

And now, my oasis of calm, is yours too.

The most important thing to me when designing my studio space, was that this felt like home.

Somewhere you feel welcome, somewhere you feel safe, that didn't feel like a studio.

The studio provides a place for older siblings to play during your sessions, with a small collection of wooden toys and the sweetest story books. These also come in super handy for babies that may need a little bit of extra time to warm into the studio setting, we can let them play whilst you tell me all about yourselves, allowing them to explore and feel comfortable before we take some photographs.

I've created an area where you can help yourselves to as many snacks as you need, to keep that fuel going.

You will be treated to as many teas & coffees as you wish, I have decaf available too.

My lovingly selected client wardrobe is kept at the studio, with a full length mirror to try on any pieces during your session.

There is even a small business basket, to find out about other baby related businesses in the area.

Alongside all of that, my studio is fully equipped to allow me to take the most wholesome photographs of you and your family.

Whether you're here for a Newborn Photoshoot or to document those Milestones, I have everything you need. From adorable baby outfits, to soft textures to wrap your little ones in. A bed set up, a rather lovely new wicker rocking chair for those breastfeeding moments and a beanbag just the perfect size for those gentle, sleepy newborn photographs.

The beauty of this space is that, nothing has to stay the same and each session becomes bespoke. I'm so excited to watch it grow with you all.

Surrounding the studio, is an array of beautiful businesses. From baby shops, a play cafe, Josie's (I have bragging rights here, best pancakes EVER.). And a short walk to Petersfield Heath, with a gorgeous lake and play park for little ones. So the experience doesn't need to end as you leave my studio, you can enjoy a whole day here.

You can find my cosy Studio on Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire.

Offering Newborn & Family Photography for clients in Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey & London.

The studio is open by appointment only, so please do be sure to book ahead of your visit.

I can't wait to invite you in!